The Visual Ear Spoon is an excellent choice for getting a close look at your ears for cleaning and upkeep. With a 3.9mm Wi-Fi 5.0MP Otoscope Camera Endoscope, this LED Luminous Ear Wax Removal provides crystal clear images of your ear. The six LED cool light lamps make it easy to see any ear wax that needs to be removed or teeth that need to be inspected, even in the most difficult-to-see areas. The three-axis directional gyroscope allows accurate ear picking with no dead angles for optimal daily cleaning and care without risking ear damage. Plus, you can easily connect this device to an APP on your phone through its Wi-Fi chip for quick object observation while capturing images in JPEG and recording video in AVI formats. With so many features contained within a small package, the Visual Ear Spoon is an essential piece of equipment you’ll want to have on hand for personally maintaining top quality ear hygiene at all times.